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Japan is an incredibly diverse country with an education system that rivals the West in terms of quality and research output. Not only is Japan highly developed in technological and educational terms, it’s also a beautiful, vibrant country that anyone would enjoy living in.

More than 100,000 international students study in Japan every year. Japanese Universities offer excellent academic standards and high-tech resources and facilities for students. The Japanese education system is incredibly advanced, and the government is focussed on encouraging high-quality higher education for everyone; foreign students and nationals alike.


Session April July October January
Period of Study April to March July to March October to March January to March
Length of study maximal 2years 1year 9months 1 year 6months 1 year 3months
Applying Period September-November December-February March – May July to September
Deadline November 15 February 15 May 15 September 15

Why Study in Japan?

Japan has boomed, and is yet still booming – it has an increasingly fast-paced economy (it’s currently the world’s third-largest) and its social system has advanced at an incredible rate as a result. Practically speaking, this means the educational systems are brand new and streamlined, the infrastructure of the cities is advanced, and the entire country is safe, wealthy and welcoming. It’s a great place to move to even if you’re not studying.

Japanese universities are arguably the most respected in Asia – a degree from any Japanese university is a sure sign of applied intelligence. Studying anywhere abroad looks excellent on a CV – it shows employers you’re a multi-dimensional person who’s had more life experience than your average student and is able to work well outside their comfort zone. You can study a degree in Japan at one of five different types of colleges: Colleges of Technology, Professional Training Colleges (‘senmom gakko’), Junior Colleges, Colleges and Universities and Graduate Schools. There is a wide range of courses in Japan to choose from, from language and undergraduate degrees in Japan to post-graduate, MBA’s and research study.

There are over 700 universities in Japan, most of which are private. Education is highly regarded in Japan – it has a near-perfect literacy rate and English is a compulsory part of study in Japan. Japanese Universities have an excellent reputation around Asia and the world – 11 Japanese universitiesare ranked in the Times Higher Education Supplement Top 200 universities. Most universities in Japan offer many scholarships for international students – which can help with the higher cost of living and tuition fees.

Japanese culture is not to be missed out on either: in between studying hard for those well-respected exam grades, a prospective student would be able to enjoy all that Japan has to offer. The cities of Japan are busy, exciting metropolises, but are complemented beautifully by the rural side of the country, which is steeped in deep tradition and fascinating history. Japan has a huge amount to offer to any tourist, let alone somebody who’s hoping to live there. It’s truly a beautiful, multi-faceted, exciting place to be.

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