Voice of Principal

First of all I would like to introduce myself,
Namaste! My name is Dipak Chandra Bhattarai (ディパク チャンドラ バッタライ).
I have been teaching Japanese language at Nippon Educational Center since 2010 A.D. Before I joined Nippon Educational Center  I had been to Japan as a student. I lived and worked there for 6 years approximately. I have learned and get experienced a lot of things in Japan like as learn their culture and tradition, their lifestyle and many more. By implementing all my experiences and studies in Japan, I expect that I can help you well in any matter of your interest regarding Japan study.

I would be glad to share my experiences with you and help you with whatever kind of assistance I can. Recently with my personal experience Nepalese students are very much interested to study in Japan to learn their languages, culture, technology, lifestyle etc. This trend has attracted a lot of young people recently, many students are studying Japanese language here at Nippon Educational Center  for various purposes like further studies in Japan ,for work ,tour etc. If any of you have any similar objective feel free to visit or contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your dream. We always dedicate you to help in a better and effective way.

Thank You!

Dipak Chandra Bhattarai (ディパク チャンドラ バッタライ)


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